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Pass The Bowl” is VH1’s ongoing interview series, wherein celebrities contribute questions to our bowl and fellow celebs later draw a question.

The Honey Brothers: Where was your favorite place to spend the night ever? And why?

Benedict Cumberbatch: My favorite place to spend the night ever and why was in a place called Sossusvlei, which is in Namibia. I was sleeping on the roof of where I was staying and I got woken up by a moonrise. It’s in the middle of a lunar landscape - it’s like Mars. There were red sand dunes, arid landscape, tumbleweeds and it’s just extraordinarily beautiful. To be woken up by a moonrise is quite something.

Question For The Bowl: If you could be an item of clothing worn by someone, what would you be and on whom?

Tune into Big Morning Buzz Live every weekday at 10AM EST on VH1.

[Photos: Colin Gray/VH1]

A moonrise, eh? Sounds really beautiful…
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Benedict Cumberbatch photo by Colin Gray/VH1. Original from here. I simply played with photoshop to split the animated gif into single frames.

Oh hey, I haven’t seen this before…
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Harry Potter Meme:  ♕ Six Spells, Magical Creatures, Potions and/or Objects

6/6 Felix Felicis
How so very cool! I wish there was a real life Felix Felicis potion…
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We approve this message.


Look who’s got the best bookmark ?!

Someone please mass-produce these IMMEDIATELY. We really really need a Cumberbomb bookmark.

So, if this doesn’t encourage people to read more…

Here, have a template. Five Cumberbombs to a standard 8.5x11 sheet. 

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Because reading is one of the joys of life, and once you begin, you can’t stop, and you’ve got so many stories to look forward to.
~ Benedict Cumberbatch (via sherlolly-in-the-tardis)
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Free Bookmark Batches for everyone~! Just save and print (and cut :D)

Thank you everyone for being so wonderful <3 People who have laughed and smiled and sent lovely messages (for which I need to REPLY I’M SO SORRY) Thank you thank you all I can’t say how much I’ve appreciated all the warmth this fandom shares <3 LOVE YOU GUYS <3 

This is brilliant! Thank you, Jackie!!!
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insp: x

This is actually pretty darn cool!
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Tom at right, Ben at left. And again. And again…


Love these guys! A few Ben and Tom posts over night I think…

…I have a fantasy that involves both of them…

Two of my favorite Englishmen…
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