This is basically what it’s like to be an adult.

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Charity : Water

“ I opened the tap, and heard a rattling, gurgling cough of metal and air … and then … nothing. “

Perhaps it’s time we shed a little more light on what Serendipity has been up to over the past few months.  In line with our vision to found a jewelry company with a philanthropical core, we spent some time researching on viable causes to support.

Coincidentally ( see where the name Serendipity comes in ? ), we were having a period of water rationing here, at home. Having had not even a glimpse, but a whisper of what it felt like to have limited water supply, we turned our attention to seeking out charities that support access to clean water. That was when we stumbled upon Charity : Water. Scott Harrison, the founder of Charity : Water has had a prolific rise, from the ethics of his non-profit, the wonderful way he has earned the respect and trust of people, even gaining the support of a lot of big names too.

Most importantly, we were interested in the progress and impact of the causes, and Charity : Water’s record is par none. We then decided that 15% of all proceeds from our first collection would be donated to Charity : Water. But that’s not the end, the rest of the journey unfolded rather remarkably, and slowly the plan for Serendipity took form…. But that’s a tale for another day. Check them out here.

And check US out, here.

Thank you for reading, stay tuned for more :)

Check them out! :)
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The little village without a name

I feel compelled to at least mention where it all started. I have a confession, Serendipity wasn’t exactly something that sprouted out of the blue. In fact, it was a series of serendipitous events that brought us here. And you too, if you’re reading this.

It all really started in a little village, without a name. Well, perhaps it had a name, but we never got it, because this little village, was in Laos. To be honest, W and I went there for a company trip and one of the itinerary on the tour was a visit to one of the little villages on the banks of the Mekong River. I say village, but in actual truth the place we eventually stopped at was just a little more than a few shelters in the middle of the wilderness.  There was no electricity, and the villagers got their water from the river itself, a river that was so murky I wasn’t very keen on stepping in it on the way out of our boat. Children were running around barefeet, women with wailing babies swatting away the flies swarming around, and mud, mud, mud everywhere.

We spent a few hours there, distributing candy to the children and some other essentials to the head of the village. I didn’t leave empty handed that day, I took away some things

The children had so little, forget iPads and toys, these kids barely had enough food, and yet they were so happy with what little we had to give. If anything, it filled me with guilt. We didn’t deserve any of the gratitude we received that day. Here they were, living in less than desirable conditions, and when it really boils down to what really matters, what does candy, do to improve a child’s life ?  

I received a jarring reminder of how superficial our efforts truly were. Bringing candies, blankets and generators (yes, necessary) to a community that requires way more than that and feeling as if the job is done.  

I believe that right there, surrounded by mud and children’s laughter, the seed for Serendipity was planted. There is so much we can do, and it extends further than just bringing tidbits over in return for a load of Instagram shots. It was then that I decided Serendipity is for real. We do not believe that one has to go really far to do good. Everywhere you care to look, you’ll be bound to find someone in need. I believe that being able to help is not a noble choice we have, it is a privilege to which we are all responsible for.

 P.s : Also, that was where W proposed .. well, ok, not in that village … but I would be lying if I said watching him play around with the kids that day wasn’t a huge brownie point … but that’s a story for another day … *wink

Awww what a lovely story :)
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I’m an eternal realist and the success rate for being an actor is pretty low." - TWH

Love the first one.
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Happy 38th Birthday Benedict! Cheers to another year of sharing your gifts with the world and continuing to inspire others to share theirs ♥ 

Love the hair. It’s spot on.
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#HappyBirthdayBenedict !!! 

Here are some great ways to help celebrate :D

Have a great weekend!

Another gorgeous piece of art by Jackie
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Benedict making another dream come true: “Finally I can photobomb myself!” [x]

This post just exudes so much cuteness. *squeeeeeeeee*
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Book sculptures by Jodi Harvey-Brown

Shop (Commissions welcome)

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Madame Tussauds have posted this comment on their Facebook page about making the eyes for Benedict’s waxwork

The wax figure’s eyes will be exact replicas of Benedict’s. Each pair of eyes takes approximately 10 hours to make. At the sitting, stock glass eyes were…

Whoaaaaaaaa. It’s nice to know they’ll get the shade of his eyes right.
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